Javier San Pedro Ortega

Javier San Pedro Ortega, born in Laguardia, is the fifth generation of a wine-maker family. Javier produces his wines with grapes from his own vineyards because the San Pedro’s Family own more than 100 hectares of vineyards in Laguardia. That 5 year-old boy who cleaned his grandfather’s winery, produced his first wine in 2005 in his father’s winery at the age of 17. It is in the harvest of 2013, after 8 years giving his personal touch to the family winery, when he decided to undertake his own project. This is based on two different ranges of wine. One the one hand, 'Cueva de Lobos' - it is defined by modern, aromatic and fun wines. On the other hand 'Viuda Negra', recovering old vineyards in order to obtain the best quality of each one. 'Javier San Pedro' - an innovative winery with a young team, looking to surprise you and differentiate from the traditional Rioja wines. We feel these wines have to tell a story. They are unique, authentic and innovative wines. They transmit the expression and authenticity of the land.