During the 1960s Giorgio Lungarotti planted the town of Torgiano, and indeed Umbria, firmly on the world wine landscape. The family name is today an icon of the region, and Italian wine making. Through the decades, Giorgio based the success of his business on a strong bond with his land and a search for quality, which also provided environmental sustainability. Lungarotti own 250 hectares of vineyards split between Torgiano and Montefalco. They implement innovative cultivation techniques based on sustainability and respect for the environment. Vine densities are optimised to increase competitiveness between plants, limit the production per vine and guarantee better grape quality. Careful vineyard management enables Lungarotti to favour accumulation and preservation of water resources, encouraging the roots to grow deeper into the soil as they search for water and nutritional elements, making the vines more resistant in case of drought. The Lungarotti wines are the centerpiece of their empire, alongside their luxury tourist centre, wine museum, shops and wine bars – collectively, the estate is a stunning promotional tool not only for Lungarotti, but for the whole region. Today the company is run by sisters Chiara Lungarotti and Teresa Severini. Their commitment and openness to innovation have continued the strong ethos of Lungarotti - family stewardship as a guarantee not only of the present but also the future.