Liguria is a very narrow strip of land located between the Ligurian Sea, the Alps, and the Apennine mountain ranges. This landscape accounts for a mild climate year-round. Rainfall can be abundant at times due to the mountains' close location to the coast. The soil in the region is rocky with high limestone content, which accounts for the minerality found in the wines produced. Liguria has several DOC controlled regions; the most legendary being the Cinque Terre DOC. Cinque Terre, meaning “five lands,” is a series of fishing villages nestled in the cliffs along the coast north of La Spezia. Vines there have been planted since antiquity on narrowly accessible terraces. Near La Spezia is the DOC zone of Colli di Luni where red and white grapes, notably Vermentino, are planted. The recent DOCs for Colline di Levanto and Golfo del Tigullio cover most of the other vineyards along the Riviera Levante, the coast to the southeast of Genoa, though some wines are still scarcely known outside of the region