Campania, located in southern Italy, is known for its stunning coasts and rich history as it is one of the oldest Italian regions. Shaped by the influence of the Greeks, Romans, and Byzantines, many grape varieties are linked to historical legends. Campania is also famous for producing Falerno, which is one of the most ancient wines in Italy. The varied climates and terroirs in Campania account for the approximately 46,800 hectares of vines grown in the region. Hot, dry summers, mild winters, abundant sunshine, and rich volcanic soil allow for a long growing season. Additionally, the cool breezes from the Tyrrhenian Sea help to temper the heat, which encourages balanced acidity in the grapes. Traditionally, wines in the region display fruity, youthful styles, are intended for immediate consumption and require little ageing. Campania is home to over 100 native grape varieties, including Fiano which was used by the Romans, Greco and Aglianico, first introduced by the Greeks. These native grapes are essential in the making of the regions DOCG and DOC classifications. Because of improved harvesting methods and cellar techniques there has been an increase in the amount of DOC wines produced over the last few decades. Both red and white varieties have become more notable and are very highly regarded.