Ribera del Duero
Located on a wide, high plateau in Castille that stretches from Avila and Segovia to Leon, Ribera del Duero today rivals Rioja as Spain’s foremost wine region with more than 20,000 hectares under vine and 200 bodegas (in 1982 there were only 24 bodegas in the region). Like Rioja, Tempranillo here is the main grape taking on a bolder flavour profile in the valley of the Duero River (the same that runs through the Port region of Portugal) however, Bordeaux varieties thrive too on the extremely varied soils. Altitude plays a part here too (850 metres above sea level) and nights can be markedly cool even in searing Summer day temperatures of 35°C, night time temperatures can be as low as 12°C with frosts often occurring in Spring. This can lend the wines great acidity balanced with intense concentration of fruit flavours.