Limonello Benalonga 28%, Argiolas
Limonello Benalonga 28%, Argiolas
Limoncello Benalunga has the typical cloudy appearance with a bright yellow colour (as this is a natural product the degree of intensity may vary from bottle to bottle). Benalunga is intensely characteristic of the fruit from which it derives and is also accompanied by other deep citrus fruit aromas. It is soft and mild to taste. Slightly astringent and leaves a pleasant, lingering aftertaste.

Country and Region: Italy,Sardinia

Classification: Limoncello

Producer: Argiolas

Wine Style: Spirits

Grape Varieties : N/A

Vinification: Once picked, the lemons are washed and then expertly peeled by hand being careful not to remove the white layers under the skins that gives the bitterness present in the fruit. After the liquid is racked in order to obtain the clear infusion which has an intense perfume and brilliant yellow colour. Once the citrus infusion has been obtained, the next stage is the preparation of the liqueur by blending and filtering the different ingredients such as lemon infusion, alcohol, sugar and water. This liqueur should be served at a temperature of no less than 5°C.

ABV: 28%

Closure: Natural Cork

Case Size: 6

Case price: £ 149.70

Bottle Price: £ 24.95