D'Angelo was founded in 1930 by Rocco D’Angelo, who initially grew and exported Aglianico grapes to the North of Italy where they were used to add body and colour to the wines made there. The perfect growing conditions for Aglianico allowed for Rocco and his son Lucio to experiment with their own winemaking, seeking to better the quality of the products they and their region had to offer. This was recognised in 1971 when Aglianico del Vulture was awarded with DOC status, allowing for the D’Angelo family to further their winemaking efforts and to put their mark on the identity and history of the Aglianico grape. The company is now owned and run by Rocco D’Angelo’s grandchildren, Lucio's children Erminia and Rocco. Situated in the most classic production area of Aglianico del Vulture, the winery now produces approximately 400,000 bottles of wine a year in their state of the art facilities. D'Angelo were also named amongst Wine Spectator's 'Finest Italian Wines: 100 Greatest Producers' of 2015. www.dangelowine.it