Benkovac Winery

The Benkovac Winery was built in 1956-1957 following the examples of existing wineries in the south of France. The strong sun and rough, weather-beaten soil give versatile characteristics to the wines of Benkovac. The stony soils of Dalmatia are unique only to this part of the world, and make the wines produced here unlike any others. The winery was originally known for its rosé, however in 2004 new vineyards were planted in Korlat near Benkovac, in stone macchia, on an area of 103 hectares with 530,000 grapevines. The vines were planted with bedding material from France under an unusually high elevation of 300 metres, and the assortment of Merlot, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon from these vines are produced to the highest standards.