Viña Undurraga

Eurowines is proud to introduce acclaimed Chilean producer, Viña Undurraga and their extensive portfolio of wines to our list. Dating as far back as 1885 when Francisco Undurraga Vicuña brought European grape cuttings back to his native Chile, today Viña Undurraga is one of the largest wine companies in Chile with a winemaking capacity of 24 million litres and exports to more than 70 countries selling up to 1.7 million cases per year worldwide, indeed they were the first Chilean winery to export to the US in 1930. The company boasts 2 state of the art wineries and vineyards totalling over 1,300 hectares stretching across Chile allowing award winning winemaker Rafael Urrejola and his team to develop wines that express the character of each area perfectly. This philosophy is applied to each wine across the Undurraga portfolio with meticulous detail but nowhere more so than with the T.H range for which there are almost too many accolades to list. The winery was named ‘Producer of the Year’ at the Sommelier Wine Awards 2013 with the organisers stating that ‘Undurraga, quite simply, blew away the competition’.