Badia di Morrona

The famous Tuscan grape variety Sangiovese has been cultivated in the stunning rolling countryside surrounding the village of Morrona since Etruscan times. A tradition continued from 1000 AD by the Benedictine monks who produced wine at the Badia di Morrona (or the Abbey of Morrona) and revived by the Gaslini family who have devoted their care, attention and expertise to creating wines to express the unique terroir of Terricciola for three generations. Acquiring the Abbey in 1939 in this historic area which lies roughly 30km south east of Pisa, today over half of the 110 hectares of vineyards are dedicated purely to the Sangiovese grape which, although difficult to grow, thrives in its native soil remaining faithful to the family’s approach to the production of wine and their taste for ‘territory’. That said, Cabernet, Syrah and Merlot excel here too, developing character and personality with a Tuscan identity. There’s no science fiction involved in the winemaking here, the cellars contain only that which is strictly necessary and is utilized merely to draw forth the maximum which the soil has managed to transmit to the grapes.