The village of Camigliano can trace its origins back to Etruscan times. It flourished during the Middle Ages with a local economy dedicated mainly to the cultivation of grapes and olives. Walter Ghezzi bought the farm in 1957. The oldest vineyards date back to 1959 and the first vintage of Brunello was produced in 1965. Today, the estate extends to over 530 hectares, of which 92 are planted with vines. Of these, 50 hectares of vineyard to the south of Montalcino, are planted with the renowned Sangiovese Grosso, used to make Brunello and Brunello Riserva. The hand harvested grapes are taken to a winery, where wine is designed to move by gravity, avoiding the damaging shock of mechanical pumps. The Ghezzi family care deeply about the environment, and have ensured the building of the modern winery was mostly underground, blending in with the beautiful countryside.