Monzio Compagnoni

In 1987, Marcello Monzio Compagnoni designed and built a cellar near Bergamo that combined functionality and low environmental impact which still remains today. At only twenty years old, he was inspired not by family tradition or necessity, but by his passion and commitment as well as his modern approach to winemaking. By 1989 he was producing oak aged red and white wines, with his first sparkling endeavour appearing on the market in 1991. Driven by a desire to expand into new territory, in 1995 Marcello bought land in Adro with the intent of producing high-quality Franciacorta. On this land was a classic farmhouse that he restored and made into a functional cellar with modern equipment while still respecting the original architecture. Monzio Compagnoni’s Franciacorta each go through a specifically tailored production process to create distinctive products that reflect Marcello’s dedication to winemaking.