Svirce Winery

The Svirče Co-operative has 88 members and nearly the same number of associate members, covering a total of about 120 hectares. Grapes from vineyards in the island’s inland are used in the production of Plavac wines. The wine-growing tradition on Hvar, the island with the highest average of sunny hours in Croatia, dates back to Greek and Roman times. Through the work of the Hvar winegrowers and the gentle climate, typical Mediterranean wines are produced from the grape variety Plavac mali. Ivan Dolac is one of the most prestigious wines of the Plavac mali variety, and Ivan Dolac vintage 2003 is the first Croatian Plavac to bear the mark of an ecological product, grown without mineral fertilisers and pesticides. All wines from Svirče Winery are produced under controlled conditions to the highest quality.