Villa Matilde

Villa Matilde is located in the province of Caserta and comprises three properties: Tenuta di San Castrese e Parco Nuovo, Rocca dei Leoni and Tenuta di Altavilla. The estate totals 140 hectares, most of which is given to vineyards with the remainder olive groves and fruit trees. Surrounded by the Massico mountains, Villa Matilde draws its inspiration from ancient Greek times to produce quality wines from this region. The vineyards are on hillsides of volcanic origin facing the sea (which is only about 10 km away). As the Greek civilisation and culture spread to Italy, a new training system was introduced called ‘Phalanga’ to encourage the grapes to adapt to their environment. In time these wines came to be known as Falerno (Falernum). By raising the vines off the ground, instead of letting them grow freely on the soil as was normal practise, the grapes were allowed to adapt to their new climate. By Roman times, these distinguished wines had become established and were renowned for their quality. Initially beginning as a hobby, Francesco Avallone began to study the ancient qualities of Falernum in the 1950s. Having traced the vines characteristics for 10 years, he finally recovered 20 plants that matched Ager Falernus and started to develop the vines for Villa Matilde.