Founded in 1964 and located in the beautiful Marche region, Moncaro is one of the largest co-operatives in Italy with 1,100 members who cultivate a total of 1,700 hectares of vineyards. Of the 1,700 hectares that make up the co-operative, all are controlled using integrated farming methods. 60 hectares are certified organic and a further 350 have EU certification for ‘low environmental impact', making Moncaro one of the ‘greenest’ wineries in Italy. The co-operative has three separate wineries situated in the principal viticultural areas of the Marche: Montecarotto, Camerano and Acquaviva. This allows master winemaker Giuliano d’Ignazi and world famous consultant oenologist Riccardo Cottarella, to create wines which retain the individual characteristics of each area.