Ettore & Bartolo Sammarco

The Amalfi Coast, also known as "La Divina Costiera" (the Divine Coast), is a 50-kilometer stretch of coastline along the southern edge of Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula, in the Campania region. A unique landscape of sheer cliffs and rugged shoreline, dotted with small beaches, pastel-coloured fishing villages, lemon groves and natural terraced cliffside vineyards. In the medieval village of Ravello, perched at 365m on the sea level, Ettore Sammarco founded the winery Casa Vinicola Ettore Sammarco. The vineyards include the hilly-clay territory from Vietri to Positano. Since 1962, the company has steadily grown perfectly combining tradition and technology to produce the unique white wine “Terre Saracene” (literally meaning ‘Saracen Lands’). Almost as a pastime to revive his father, Ettores’, great passion, winemaker Bartolo Sammarco created a workshop developing the traditional, typical liqueurs of the Amalfi coast. Today, using state of the art technology and craftmanship the Ettore Sammarco laboratory produces a refined Limoncello, under the ‘Melodie d’Amalfi’ label. Here, the ‘Sfusato’ lemon variety is used (tapered in shape, large with a thick, yellow peel and almost no seeds) lending the Limoncello an intense aroma.