Sansonina is a large 18th century estate in the Sirmione area, renowned for the production of Lugana, one of the most famous white wines of the Lombardy and Veneto region. Uniquely, the estate has the areas only established Merlot vines. It was for this reason that in the mid 1990s, Carla Prospero acquired Sansonina with the express purpose of taking on the challenge of producing a great red wine in a zone traditionally known for its whites, the result was the magnificent ‘Sansonina Merlot IGT’. Since then Carla and her daughter Nadia Zenato have grown the range which now includes a second red wine ‘Eva Luna’ and a second, spontaneously fermented, Lugana produced from the oldest Lugana vineyard, Moraro Verde. The name Sansonina derives from the legend of ‘Samson’. Local folklore has it that the Estate was once owned by a lady nicknamed ‘Little Samson’ known for her strong character.